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Great success with Art Workshop 'Why is Art healthy for you’

What started as a trial can now be considered a fixed feature on Henriette’s menu of art offerings.

Last month Henriette organised an evening filling event, a combination of a lecture, an art workshop and a 3-course meal.

It turned out to be such a success that she repeated the exercise for another sold out group.

The lecture explained ‘why art is healthy for you’ from a neurological point of view: how is our brain influenced whilst doing art and how does this stimulate a healthily connected brain.

This was followed by colour theory.

Afterwards the participants were invited to get creative in an art project with stunning results.

The 3-course meal was perfectly timed in between the different sections with dessert served during the art making.

A great event to gift a friend or book as a group.

Please stay tuned for new dates, here in Amsterdam or in Atelier Douçoise, in Confolens, France



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